Through the preservation of the historic East Creek Kiln site, the Friends of East Creek provides education firing opportunities for the ceramics community.


Situated in the Oregon Coast Range near Willamina, the heritage East Creek Anagama kiln has provided arts education opportunities for over 33 years to students and professional artists of all ages.

One of the oldest types of kilns known, the anagama was the predominant kiln in Korea and Japan during the middle Ages.

Friends of East Creek is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization formed to restore, preserve, and continue the wood-fire process of this historic educational kiln for years to come.


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  •   Willamina


What some of our friends of East Creek have to say about the kiln
Importance of the East Creek Anagama in the development of ceramic art and its culture in the Pacific Northwest is quite simply inestimable. This kiln and its corresponding creative community has arguably been one of the most significant and influential ‘learning labs’ in our nation. “It can in fact be argued that the explosion of interest in wood fired artwork in the last quarter century has its epicenter at East Creek. “While there are indeed other kiln sites throughout the country, East Creek is only the second of its kind in the Western Hemisphere, and the only one in the Americas that has maintained an unbroken commitment to providing an educational forum for eager artists — young and old — for as long as it has.

Mark Terry

Professor of Art, Chair, Department of Art and Design George Fox University


Interesting in donating, collaborating or participating in an East Creek firing? Send us a message here and we will be in touch shortly.